Cardamome & COMPAGNIE

October 2009

Welcome to Cardamome&Compagnie, your source for Organic Spices, specially Hand-Blended Seasonings and Recipe Kits. Savour the distinctive and authentic flavours of world cuisine through our blends and kits, and give wings to your culinary creativity through our wide range of whole and ground spices.

We are committed to providing organic Spices and Blends ethically sourced, and believe that culinary adventures need not compromise ethical beliefs. We hope that you agree.


Heady, aromatic spice blends, dry roasted, crushed and hand blended here at Cardamome&COMPAGNIE. Blends make it easy to produce an impressive delicious meal with none of the uncertainty of dealing with multiples of spices. Thailand today, Morocco tomorrow, India at the weekend?

  • Chinese Five Spice
  • Five spice is found in dishes throughout Asia. It is particularly popular and delicious for slow cooked stews of meat in rich dark sauces.
  • Colombo
  • This blend originated from the Sri-Lankan plantation workers in the French West Indies.
  • Indian Garam Masala
  • An essential ingredient of Indian cuisine that adds depth of flavour and perfume.
  • Japanese Seven Spice
  • This is a coarsely ground blend, crunchy, and savoury with a little kick.
  • Mexican Fajita Seasoning
  • This blend is derived from the SouthWestern border cuisine of Texas and the Mexican Frontier.
  • Middle Eastern Zatar
  • This spice blend is popular in the Middle East, the flavour is a unique mix of zesty, herby and nutty flavours.
  • Morrocan La Kama
  • La Kama is a Moroccan spice blend that originates from Tangier
  • Portuguese Piri-Piri
  • Piri Piri is very much regarded as a Portuguese blend although its origins are African.
  • Thai Massaman Curry
  • This curry blend originates from southern Thailand.
  • Turkish Baharat
  • Used widely across North Africa, and the Middle East. Our blend is based on a Turkish recipe.

About us

We have been cooking, travelling, experimenting and recreating the flavours of our adventures for many years, to the general contentment of friends and family. Though happy to be fed by us, over and over we heard the same common complaints and misapprehensions and misconceptions.

  • Always thought spices meant chilli heat
  • Spices are too hard to find
  • Do not know how to use strange new ingredients
  • Spices are too difficult to use

So the light bulb moment came and we decided to try and address all these issue and put our money were our mouth was.

Cardamome& COMPAGNIE are Nathalie Duvelleroy, Anindita Roulet, and Philippe Roulet.


Step by step Kits, of measured, numbered pouches, shopping list and instructions provide everything you need for a culinary adventure without misadventure.