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October 2011

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Feel fruity this Autumn with figs, plums, quince and apples. Find savoury and sweet inspiration at Cardamome&CO . Add a fresh twist to your cooking with Sichuan pepper and discover its heady aromatic delights. Give in to the russet hues of the season.

Fruits of the Season: Figs, Plums, Quince and Apple

Whether you reach for the sticky sweetness of a Fig or the crisp crunch of Apples, there are plenty of autumnal fruit to give you a perfect dose of fresh fruitiness to dishes savoury and sweet.

Seasonal Fruit Recipes

  • Duck with honey and figs
  • Black fig and chilli tagliatelli
  • Pot-roast chicken with spiced plums
  • Chicken and Quince Tagine

  • Elizabethan Stuffing for Turkey or Capon
  • Apple and fig chutney

  • Figs for 1001 nights
  • Plum and Rhubarb Crumble with Star Anise & Vanilla
  • Plum frangipane tart with roasted spiced plums
  • Baked Apples with dried fruit
  • Plum compôte
  • Sticky Quince and Ginger Cake

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    Spotlight Product:

    Sichuan Pepper

    PROMOTION 2.99€ this month.

    Very fragrant, woody, with a hint of citrus peel. Also known as Sansho pepper it is very popular in Japan and China, Sichuan pepper are dried berries from a deciduous prickly ash tree. Despite its name it is neither pungent nor fiery as black pepper but highly aromatic. Common is spicier Chinese meats dishes and stews it works particularly well with duck and chicken. In Japan it is typically crushed and used for yakitori and soups.

    Try lightly crushing mixed with sea salt as a rub for steak or oily fish .

    Sichuan Pepper Recipes

  • Roasted Halibut with Szechuan aubergines
  • Salt and Pepper Prawns
  • Guinea Fowl with Orange and Szechuan pepper
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