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January 2012

Welcome to Cardamome&Compagnie your source for Spices, Blends, and Recipe Kits.

This year we suggest a resolution that you can keep.
COOK more. You won't be sorry.


For Our Winter Sale we have just made the prospect of cooking that much more appealing.
Fantastic offers on Kits, Blends and Spices.

A Resolution you will want to keep.

So its that time again to try and start the New Year with good intentions. We think we have a resolution that will please you and everyone around you. Cook more!

Don't just relegate cooking to an occasional act.

In case you need convincing here are few good reasons why:

Cooking makes you prettier and healthier (though we can't promise you'll become a super model)

It make you richer (unless you plan on only dining on caviar, lobster and fillet mignon)

Makes you more adventurous (once the spices entice you, who knows where this will lead)

Will make your family love you more (the way to their hearts afterall is through their stomachs…)

Turn you into a super hero (ok so probably not, but all the above will probably make you feel like one).

So what are you waiting for?

Need inspiration?

Our online recipe book has recipes for everyday to fine dining. Browse, click and get inspired. Recipe Book


Special Offers

To tempt you back into the kitchen sample the flavours of world cuisine for less with our winter sale.

Try our wonderful Malaysian Rendang Curry or Thai Satay Kits for just 5.99€
  • Malaysian Rendang Curry
  • Thai Satay and Fried Rice
  • Our fabulous Chinese Five Spice, Colombo, Garam Masala and La Kama, now just 2.99€

  • Duck Breast with Five Spice
  • Pork Colombo
  • Spiced Bread and Butter Pudding
  • Chicken Tagine
  • Spice things up for only 1.99€ on selected whole and ground spices.

    Offers end 29th February 2012

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