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March 2010

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As Spring unfurles, this edition of our Newsletter livens up seasonal fare such as lamb, invites you to bake traditional Easter treats and makes the most of new season produce on offer in your marketplace. And our current Promotion on Japanese Seven Spice invites you to try big flavoured blend at a small price.

Spice Speckled Easter and chocolate of course!

Easter and springtime cooking and baking is charged with optimism. With or without the religious significance, traditions of coming together to celebrate life abound. Like all major festivals there are the culinary classics. A few of which we touch upon. We have as ever tinkered and researched traditional offerings and put together some Easter recipes that both exemplify and enhance these favourites. And in case your taste for chocolate is not satiated by copious egg consumption there is a chocolate dessert to thrill, with of course a touch of spice

  • Spicy Devil Eggs
  • Eggs en cocotte with morel
  • Lamb shank with red lentils
  • Lamb with Tandoori, Lemon and Honey
  • Pastiera Napoletana
  • Simnel cake
  • Spiced Chocolate Mousse with Hazelnut Praline
  • Spotlight Product

    Japanese Seven Spice:

    Promotion 3.50!

    A blend of black and white sesame seeds, orange peel, nori, chilli, sansho pepper and garlic this is more a condiment than a cooking spice. Sprinkled over a classic roast beef, or pan fried fish it adds a new dimension to cooking classics. Add to noodle soups or yakitori for extra zing. This is a spice blend with a rising profile. Don't believe us? Check out this month's Saveur, a featured spice in the food equivalent of Vogue.

    The Green Shoots of Spring

    The eternal winter seems to be at a close, and the prospect of removing winter layers, positively lifts the spirits. Spring we hope has finally sprung and with it the promise of abundant bountiful fruit, vegetables and tender meats. Colour can be found in various shades of green from spring greens, peas, asparagus and herbs to the vibrant pink of rhubarb and the inky black of mussels. To highlight the current seasonal offerings we have added some new spring inspired recipes tempt your winter taste buds out of their slumber.