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Mai 2010

Bienvenue chez Cardamome&Compagnie votre marchand d'Épices, Mélanges d'Épices et de Kits recettes.

Make the most of Mothering Sunday with our perfect foodie gifts. This month's Newsletter is packed with recipe ideas to cook her a spectacular brunch or lunch just as special as she is.

Mother's Day Brunch Ideas

Brunch is the epitome of lazy Sundays. A leisurely activity that starts from mid/late morning, easily meandering into the afternoon. Salt, and sweet in no particular order, informality and conviviality are the only rule of thumb. Mothering Sunday is the ideal opportunity to give her a day off, and to treat her to the casual pleasures of brunch. As is our signature at Cardamome&Compagnie, a touch of spice speckles our suggestions and add a flourish to favourites.

Sunday perfection, peppered with spice and affection.

  • Brunch Recipes

  • Mimosa
  • Starburst
  • Saffron Lassi
  • Mexican Hot Chocolate
  • Cardamome Coffee
  • Masala Tea
  • Zatar and Feta Pizza
  • Mexican Fajitas
  • Huevos rancheros
  • Sweet Spicy Meat Tart
  • Vegetarian Kedegree
  • Pain perdu with carmelized bananas
  • Spiced Carrot Muffins
  • Walnut Date Muffins
  • Cardamom Pancakes
  • Spiced Chocolate Mousse
  • Fruit Salad with lemongrass Vanilla Syrup
  • Product of the Month

    Thai Massaman Curry

    Promotion 3.50€!

    This Thai curry originates from southern Thailand. Typically a curry made with lamb, beef, or duck, and cooked with potatoes this is a lovely mellow curry. Our blend gives you all the flavour of an authentic Thai curry without excessive heat.

  • Massaman Duck Curry
  • Seafood Laksa with noodles
  • Thai Massaman curry
  • Thai Style Mussels
  • One gift, two serving suggestions.

    Mother's Day Gifts from Cardamome&Compagnie served two ways: Offer her personal kitchen assistance in the form of our organic Recipe Kits or Blends. She'll be glad to have new inspiration to enliven her kitchen encounters. And better still she'll love the compliments she'll receive. Alternatively...

    Transport her to exotic destinations by cooking her an authentic elegant meal, she'll be impressed and you can take all the credit. Sssshhhhhhhhh, we won't tell. Served either way, organic gifts that entice the tastebuds.

    Served either way, organic gifts that entice the tastebuds.

  • India Essentials
  • Indian Takeaway
  • Oriental Express
  • Middle Eastern Delights
  • Blend Selection
  • Thai Market

    A New Interactive addition to our Recipe Book.

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