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July 2010

Welcome to Cardamome&Compagnie your source for Spices, Blends and recipe Kits.

Vive les Vacances! As the summer holidays approach don't forget to pack some flavour alongside your swimwear. Cardamome&Compagnie have the perfect accessories for your memorable summer retreat.

Sun block, swimwear and spices?

On your way to your summer rental? Don't forget to pack some of our Blends, lightweight, unbreakable and packed with flavour. You can't eat out everyday, and you don't want to slave over a hot stove, so throw a few pouches into your luggage and produce perfect fast fabulous food without the aid of spice rack.

Each pouch has numerous possibilities. Use our Mexican Fajita Blend to make delicious wraps, chili con carne, or simply sprinkle over stir fried vegetables. Elevate minced meat to new heights with our Baharat Turc or spread onto chops and simply grill. Try our Piri Piri Portuguese on chicken or fish, or make curries, and noodle soups with our Thai Massaman blend. All our Blends have multiple possibilities, offering maximum flavour.

Click on the related recipes on the product pages and see the possibilities for yourself.

  • Our Blends

  • Chinese Five Spice
  • Colombo
  • Garam Masala
  • Tandoori Masala
  • Japanese Seven Spice
  • Mexican Fajita Seasoning
  • Middle Eastern Zatar
  • Moroccan La Kama
  • Portuguese Piri Piri
  • Thai Massaman Curry
  • Turkish Baharat
  • Product of the Month

    Japanese Seven Spice

    Promotion 3.50€!

    A blend of black and white sesame seeds, orange peel, nori, chilli, sansho pepper and garlic this is more a condiment than a cooking spice. Sprinkled over a classic roast beef, or pan fried fish it adds a new dimension to cooking classics. Add to noodle soups or yakitori for extra zing.

  • Glazed Salmon with Japanese Seven Spice
  • Chicken Teriyaki
  • Sushi Balls with Seven Spice
  • Tempura with Seven Spice
  • Roast beef with Japanese Seven Spice
  • Middle Eastern Zatar

    Promotion 3.50€!

    This popular blend in the Middle East for seasoning meats and as a dip to be eaten with flat breads. The flavour is a unique mix of zesty, herby and nutty flavours. Sprinkle over vegetables, or mixed with olive oil and use as a marinade for olives or as a spread for pita or flatbread.

  • Zatar and Feta Pizza
  • Chicken Zatar



    We too will be taking some time off during the summer months. We will be open for business throughout the summer, however there will be some slight delay in delivery during a week in July and a week in August.

    The dates are as follows:
    Orders placed between July 9th to 20th will not be shipped before July 21st.
    Orders placed between August 19th to 27th will not be shipped before 30th August.

    We apologies for any inconvenience caused, but hope that a little relaxation will aid inspiration. ..................................................