We have been cooking, travelling, experimenting and recreating the flavours of our adventures for many years, to the general contentment of friends and family. Though happy to be fed by us, over and over we heard the same common complaints and misapprehensions and misconceptions.

  • Always thought spices meant chilli heat
  • Spices are too hard to find
  • Do not know how to use strange new ingredients
  • Spices are too difficult to use

So the light bulb moment came and we decided to try and address all these issue and put our money were our mouth was.

This website is therefore born out of a desire to make spices more easily available, to help you to create and recreate your own culinary adventures at home and for us, the opportunity to marry our consuming passions with our ethical concerns. We aims to bring you:

  • Certified Organic Spices whenever possible
  • No unnecessary packaging - to create less waste and to keep it simple. Even our gift wrapping is a simple affair. We believe that our products speak volumes and do not require frippery and embellishment. We hope you will agree.
  • To provide a guiding hand - we hope that our recipes will offer you the opportunity to experiment and explore. We will regularly add new recipes and look forward to extending our ranges and sharing our knowledge.

Cardamome& COMPAGNIE are Nathalie Duvelleroy, Anindita Roulet, and Philippe Roulet.

Nathalie and Anindita, are from different backgrounds and culinary heritages, but share the same obsession and passion for food. Constantly brimming over with foodie thought, and alas in danger of brimming over our waistbands too!

Philippe is the techie genius behind the website and closet foodie. Professes to being a simple man who could live on boiled pasta alone, but would walk over hot coals for a bowl of Thai Green Curry.

Welcome to our website, we hope you will be a regular visitor.