Piri Piri Chicken Skewers

This recipe is ideal for the barbeque and works equally well with beef, lamb or vegetables.

Serves4 Origin Europe
Preparation 10 min + 1-12hrs to marinate Heat rating (Mild)
Cooking 10 min Ease (Very easy)
Vegetarian No


1 Tbsp Portuguese Piri-Piri
600g of chicken - skinless and boneless cut into 3cm
2 tbsps olive oil
2 tbsps lemon jus


In a large bowl, mix the Piri piri blend with the olive oil and the lemon juice. Add the pieces of chicken mix well cover with cling film and refrigerate between 1 to 12hrs.

Thread the marinated chicken onto skewers (if using bamboo skewers remember to soak for 10mins in water to prevent them burning on the grill).

Cook under a very hot grill or barbeque for about 10mins turning occassionally. Serve immediately with a slice of lemon and a green salad.

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