Beef Carpaccio with a Japanese twist

Perfect accompaniment to drinks. These are wonderfully easy, light and delicious morsel to wet the appeitite

Serves6 Origin Fusion
Preparation 15-20mins Heat rating (No heat)
Cooking 0 Ease (Very easy)
Vegetarian No


to sprinkle liberally Japanese Seven Spice
200g Beef carpaccio
1-2 tbsps light soy sauce
6-8cm piece of cucumber (
6-8cm piece of carrot
1 tsp caster sugar
2 tbsps white wine vinegar
Salt to taste
A few drop of sesame oil
A splash of Mirin or rice wine (optional)


Begin by preparing the carrot and cucumber. Scoop out the cucumber seeds and shred finely. Peel the piece if carrot of shred finely similar to the cucumber.Mix the vegetables with salt, sugar vinegar, sesame oil and mirin (if using). Set aside for at least half an hour to allow the vegetables to pickle slightly.

Sprinkle the beef evenly with light soy sauce. Lay one slice of beef on a small dish or spoon top with a little pickled vegetables and sprinkle with Japanese Seven Spice. And serve.

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